Red Stick Roller Derby is Baton Rouge's first all-female, full-contact, flat track roller derby league committed to the betterment of the physical and mental strength of its members through the sport of roller derby. Skaters are females aged 18 or older who exhibit exceptional athleticism, leadership and sportswoman-like conduct both on and off the track.

Proud WFTDA Members!


RSRD follows the rules and a guideline set forth by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), and subscribes to its “for the skaters, by the skaters” ethic. We have been a proud WFTDA member league since December 2011.

Founded in 2004, the WFTDA promotes and fosters the sport of women’s flat track derby by facilitating the development of athletic ability, sportswomanship, and goodwill among member leagues. The governing philosophy is “by the skaters, for the skaters.” Women skaters are primary managers and operators of each member league and of the association. Operational tasks include setting standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determining guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues.

All photos are by Spade Photo.

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