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Red Stick Roller Derby Juniors

RSRD Juniors Logo
RSRD Juniors Logo

Red Stick Roller Derby Juniors is dedicated to bringing the exciting sport of roller derby to female and non-binary youth 6 to 17 years old and providing opportunities for skaters of all skill levels to learn and play in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Because roller derby is considered an extreme youth sport, RSRDJ prioritizes safety, with mandated protective equipment and high training standards for coaches and volunteers. RSRDJ aims to empower our skaters by bringing together local youth from diverse communities and helping develop their self-confidence, leadership skills, healthy decision-making, athleticism and overall fitness.

Who Are We?

We are Louisiana capital area’s junior roller derby league, founded in 2017 by members of Red Stick Roller Derby.


The Rascals are:

  • A non-profit organization
  • A Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) member league
  • Affiliated with and coached by Red Stick Roller Derby.
  • A group of strong young skaters that support one another and build each other’s self-confidence


How do I get started?

The Rascals have year round, open enrollment. We have beginner level practice every Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm. Our coaches will teach you skating fundamentals, as well as the skills you need to move on to our intermediate program.

The intermediate practice occurs every Friday from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.

Your first three practices will be at no cost, allowing your skater to try it all out without a commitment.

We provide loaner skates and protective gear to get you started, but you’ll want to purchase your own gear as you continue your derby journey.


How much does it cost?

Monthly dues are $45 per month. You can also pay for three months at a time at a discounted rate of $105.

Dues payments are put towards facility rental, JRDA membership fees, and league expenses. Board members and coaches are volunteers and do not receive payments from RSRDJ.

Join Us!

Think roller derby is the sport for you? Great! Check out or social media pages for up to date info and contact us soon for details on how to get started!



  • Red Stick Roller Derby Juniors is an all volunteer, tax-exempt organization
  • PO Box 42171 Baton Rouge, LA 70835
  • EIN 81-4344214

If you have any additional questions after reading online materials, please email 


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