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Derby 101

We want YOU!
We want YOU!

What is DERBY 101

DERBY 101 is a 12-week training program that will teach you skating fundamentals, derby-specific skills, and how to kick butt on eight wheels.

The first 6 weeks is comprised of non-contact skating skills, while the second 6 weeks is comprised of contact skills.

Practice occurs 3 timesaver week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6:45pm to 9:00pm. No prior skating experience is necessary!

How do I get started?

Our Fall DERBY 101 class starts on TUESDAY, AUGUST 7th. All you need to get rolling is a big bottle of water, a good pair of socks, and a will to learn.

We provide rental skates and gear free of charge for a few weeks, but you will need to purchase your own gear as you continue your derby journey.

Roller Derby can unlock potential you didn’t know you had. Put self-doubt aside and do something amazing for your mind and body.

How much does it cost?

Mandatory insurance costs $75 per year. We also have monthly dues that cost $45 per month. However, there are NO FEES for the first two weeks of our program.

Come take advantage of that free trial to lace up some skates and get wheels on your feet. Dues payments help cover facility rental, WFTDA membership, and league expenses.

Send us an email or Facebook message for more information.

Derby 101 all smiles at practice
Derby 101 all smiles at practice
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